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Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [11/15] Relationships » Spencer & Ashley
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Most times you’re more than just family to me.
Have you and your gf talked about engagement/marriage?? My gf seems to be bringing it up a lot but i am not quite sure if it is bc she is serious or just as future talk /:

My gf and I have definitely had that talk many times. Sometimes just to play pretend and imagine what if be like but we’ve also talked on a serious level about it and we’ve both are on the same page that we should wait for a number of different reasons. Just have a discussion with your gf about it and see where she stands and honestly share how you feel about it.
My personal belief is to enjoy each stage of your relationship. Don’t rush through them all. If you Truely want to spend your life with someone, what’s the rush on mairage? Enjoy dating and being young and appreciate that stage in your life with them and when you both feel emotionally, spiritually, and financially ready then go for it. But absolutely don’t rush. Be sure you’re ready for that next step so you’ll never have to worry about doubting your relationship or adding more pressure to a relationship than necessary. If you’re clear on what your views are and when you personally would see yourself married then there won’t be any confusion